Yordanov: Serbia Must First Join NATO Before Thinking About Joining The EU

The work of the European Parliament has begun. This week was a week of election of committee leadership”, said Alexander Yordanov, MP from the UDF / EPP. And he specified that, unfortunately, many of them were not elected, and this also spoke indirectly about the contradictions that exist between the different political groups.

He himself is a member of three committees, with the Committee on Foreign Affairs being the main one. The choice of these guides is based on a pre-agreed D’Ont system package.

“It is very difficult for any country in the EP to achieve 100% of the interests and that is the magic of European unification – everyone should make a smaller or bigger compromise in order for this complicated mechanism to go forward in general, the MEP commented.

The Bulgarian group of Bulgarian representatives gather together to clarify positions and questions and this tradition is very good”, Alexander Yordanov said.

Yordanov also commented on the Balkan misunderstandings of recent days, noting that Balkan politicians should learn less to speak and work more.

Alexander Yordanov: They talk, promise, sometimes live in fictional worlds, especially our friends – the Macedonians.

Serbia must first become a member of NATO before joining the EU family, the MEP said, “because it is a matter of security.” And so, NATO will ensure the security of the whole region. According to him, Serbia has not accepted European values.

Alexander Yordanov: NATO will ensure the security of the entire region and will not leave a security breach – in the sense of having an EU country that, in the defense and securitysphere, practically serves Russian policy.

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