Visiting a country can be one of the most rewarding experiences, and of course a good trip doesn’t mean luxurious locations and expensive restaurants. There are amazing destinations that are super affordable and have a great time without overspending. 

One of them is Bulgaria

Bulgaria is one of the most affordable destinations in Europe, where you can have the best time on a tight budget. The country is famous for its folklore and opera singers. Folk music and dances, national costumes, and traditional rituals are important for Bulgarians. The beaches on the Black Sea coast are perfect for a summer holiday at a reasonable price. 

If you need to apply for a visa to Bulgaria, the application will cost you around .

Another thing Bulgaria is famous for is the food. A meal for two with desserts and a bottle of wine can cost around -50, whereas a simple meal with a beer might even be less than . 

You can find accommodation in beautiful hotels for and more per night. On average, you should be prepared to spend around per day. 

Famous Tourist Attractions in Bulgaria

The must-see places when visiting Bulgaria according to VisaGuide.World are:

  • Sofia. The home to the National Opera and Ballet of Bulgaria, Sofia is the most well-known tourist destination in Bulgaria. The capital is a full package: you can find Bulgarian culture, tradition, architecture, and nature. 
  • Veliko Tarnovo. If you enjoy walking through picturesque streets and being surrounded by nature, add Veliko Tarnovo to your itinerary. The remarkable beauty and unique architecture of the city is what makes the old capital stand out.
  • Plovdiv. In Plovdiv, you can go back in time by walking along Gurko Street. For a magical moment, you can climb Dzendem Tepe and enjoy one of the most beautiful sunsets of your life. 
  • Nessebar. The picturesque Nessebar is one of the most beautiful places on the Black Sea Coast. If you want to have fun, swim, and play with water, the Aquapark Nessebar will give you the ultimate pleasure. Wine lovers have the chance to visit the Messembria winery and try different types of wine. 
  • Sozopol. The impressive architecture and archaeology, diverse culture, and modern infrastructure are the reasons thousands of tourists choose Sozopol as their holiday destination. Every September, the old town hosts one of the country’s largest art festivals.

The list of the cheapest countries to visit: Bolivia, Cambodia, Vietnam, Thailand, Egypt, Morocco, Turkey, Portugal, Poland, Bulgaria.