The National Revenue Agency (NRA) collected over BGN 4 million in outstanding payments in just 7 days.

Dozens of debtors have committed to pay more than BGN 9 million for taxes and social security contributions in the next 2 weeks, the NRA announced.

“This is due to the involvement of the territorial directors of the National Revenue Agency and the organization of emergency meetings with the largest debtors, which led to rapid results in the collection of public debts,” the revenue agency said.

The regional directors spoke in person with 95 people in just seven days, and in a partnership spirit, payment options were discussed, including in regular installments.

Nearly 50 percent of the debtors made a payment immediately after the meeting.

Some of the persons have committed to repay debts totaling over BGN 9 million by the end of June 2021, and others – that they will pay their debts within the year. Meetings with people with late payments to the budget continue.