Bulgaria’s Tourism Minister: The Main Priority Is To Attract Bulgarian Tourists To The Black Sea Coast

If the prevalence of Covid-19 remained low, indoor restaurants could be opened in hotels, Minister of Tourism Nikolina Angelkova has said. The main priority for the ministry is to attract Bulgarian tourists to the Black Sea coast.

A video conference call with the prime ministers of Romania, Serbia and Greece will take place on Tuesday to coordinate details on conducting tourist journeys. There is no way to have tourism when there is quarantine. The situation makes people more reluctant to travel, Minister Angelkova said. She believes that at this stage road transport remains the most accessible and safest for tourists./BNR

Fifteen beaches at the Bulgarian black Sea coast will offer zero prices for services, the rest will have 50% lower prices for sunbeds and umbrellas, the Bulgarian tourism minister, Nikolina Anglekova told BNT breakfast show on May 18.

Tomorrow, at the initiative of Bulgaria’s Prime Minister, Boyko Borissov, a conference will be held with the leaders of the Balkan countries to discuss possibilities for opening the green borders for tourists and business, she explained.

Nikolina Angelkova, Minister of Tourism: If we have the opportunity in early June, to welcome tourists especially from Romania, Serbia, Greece, from the neighbouring countries – the Republic of North Macedonia, because road transport is the most accessible and safest.

Angelkova is also optimistic for tourists with charter reservations.

Nikolina Angelkova, Minister of Tourism: No charter flights currently reserved as capacity at the airports of Varna and Bourgas are cancelled after June 15.

She explained that in case of suspicion of an infected tourist – he/she will be temporarily isolated without closing the entire hotel.

Nikolina Angelkova, Minister of Tourism: The requirement is until the medical staff comes to conduct a test, respectively to assess all the requirements in accordance with the instructions of the health authorities. We have not envisaged to close or quarantine the whole hotel. Ultimately, this will be the biggest challenge of our summer tourism.

The Minister of Tourism reassured that there will be no problems with the food for the tourists.

Nikolina Angelkova: Our conditions are very flexible, both room service and a la carte menu, as well as the possibility of a buffet, not the typical all-inclusive. Plexiglass screens will be used, respectively, with the service of an employee at the appropriate accommodation, without self-service.

The Minister reassured that beach services will become much cheaper.

Nikolina Angelkova: 15 beaches have so far offered zero prices for sunbeds and umbrellas. But prices for the rest will be reduced by at least 50%. Concessionaires must submit their price estimates by May 25.

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