As of January 17, 2022, temporary measures are being introduced in the military-industrial plant “Arsenal” AD in Kazanlak. Pursuant to Art. 173 of the Labor Code, all employees of the company go on paid annual leave from January 17 to February 11, 2022, the company stated.

At the request of the employee, the use of unpaid leave with recognition of work and insurance experience is allowed. Vouchers for food and health insurance contributions at the expense of the employer will be provided to those who have used unpaid leave with recognition of work and insurance experience. In case of urgent production needs of workshops, units, and sections, worklists will be prepared and approved.

The actions taken have been coordinated between the management of Arsenal and the two trade unions in the company – CITUB and Podkrepa.

According to the General Director of Arsenal AD Nikolay Ibushev, the main factors for the introduction of the measures are the increase in the price of energy and raw materials; the strong rise in prices of metals on international markets, the peak of the highly contagious virus variant Omicron, the presence of coronavirus patients in the company.