More than 100 public and private sector partners operating throughout the plastic value chain will sign the Alliance’s Declaration on the Circular Use of Plastics (Circular Plastics Alliance), which promotes voluntary action to support a well-functioning EU recycled plastics market.

The declaration outlines ways in which the Alliance will meet the target of using 10 million tonnes of recycled plastic by 2025 annually to produce new products in Europe. The target was set by the European Commission in 2018 in its strategy for plastics.

The declaration, signed by small and medium-sized enterprises, large corporations, business associations, standardizes, research organizations, and local and national authorities, sets a target of 10 million tonnes of recycled plastic and calls for a switch to zero plastic waste in nature and to zero disposal of plastics. It provides for specific actions to achieve the objective.

On the Commission’s website, the Alliance’s statement will continue to be accessible and open for signature by new stakeholders, in particular public authorities across Europe.

Business associations and companies are also encouraged to submit voluntary commitments to use or produce more recycled plastic.