Bulgaria saw a 22 percent increase in Turkish visitors during December 2023, as the Ministry of Tourism revealed. Considering this trend, Bulgarian authorities will focus on promoting the destination in the Turkish market, SchengenVisaInfo.com reports.


  • Bulgaria recorded a 22 percent increase in Turkish tourists last December.
  • Bulgarian authorities stated they are working to resolve the visa issue, as they intend to attract more tourists from Türkiye.
  • Bulgaria anticipates an increase in tourism, as starting from March 31, the country will partially join the Schengen zone by air and sea.

Despite the surge, visa issues persist, prompting collaborative measures with relevant ministries.

As Bulgaria gears up for partial Schengen integration by air and sea from March 31, the government anticipates a tourism boost. Minister of Tourism Zarista Dinkova emphasizes ongoing collaboration with Turkish tourism stakeholders to address concerns and streamline entry processes.

The Ministry of Tourism aims to engage Turkish counterparts in discussions to resolve challenges, while Bulgaria’s recognition as a “Preferred Destination” for 2024 by ECTAA and predictions of a 10% contribution to the economy by 2033 showcase positive prospects for the nation’s tourism sector.