In connection with the mass testing for coronavirus when entering Greece in recent days, according to Bulgarian embassy in Athens, there is currently no document that makes it mandatory to take samples for COVID-19 from all citizens passing through the border checkpoint “Kulata-Promahon “, Announced by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

According to our mission, after talks with the General Secretariat for Civil Protection of the Hellenic Republic, testing for COVID-19 of citizens crossing from Bulgaria to Greece is still not mandatory, but on a selective basis based on the contained in the completed electronic form information. The aim of the Greek authorities at the Kulata-Promahon border checkpoint is to carry out the maximum number of tests every day, which to date is fixed at 3,000 tests. This means that if the number of passengers for a particular day is within 3000, everyone will be tested. If this number is exceeded, not all citizens are tested.

Passengers who have been sampled for COVID-19 at the Kulata-Promahon border checkpoint are instructed to isolate themselves at the address indicated by them on the form for 48 hours. If the test is positive, they will be found at this address by the Greek health authorities for mandatory 14-day quarantine. The Greek State shall bear the costs of staying in a quarantined place, as well as the costs of medical care and hospital treatment, if necessary.

The Bulgarian Embassy in Athens has received assurances from the General Secretariat for Civil Protection of the Hellenic Republic that if Bulgarian citizens with a positive COVID-19 test wish to return to Bulgaria instead of spending the 14-day quarantine period in Greece, they will be allowed to leave immediately without stopping on the territory of Greece until they reach the border. Our advice is that upon arrival on the territory of the Republic of Bulgaria they should immediately inform the relevant Bulgarian authorities about the positive test for COVID-19 given by them.

Due to the expected heavy traffic during the upcoming weekend at the Kulata-Promahon border checkpoint, we recommend that Bulgarian citizens who plan to travel to Greece prepare in advance for a possible long wait.

We advise all to carefully read the answers to all questions that may arise before traveling to Greece, on a specially created site: GreeceHealthFirst

There you will find answers to many questions, arranged in the following sections:

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– I have symptoms of COVID-19;

– I have been in contact with a person who has tested positive for COVID-19;

– in case I am quarantined, who will cover the costs.

4. Passenger Localization Form (PLF), the preliminary completion and receipt of a QR code which is mandatory.