Increase in all pensions by 6.6% from July 1, social minister Bisser Petkov announced on the BNT. In addition to more money for retirees, the 2020 draft budget also includes more resources for a personal assistant for people with disabilities.

The social minister explained that the budget for 2020 is still under discussion, but so far pensions are projected to increase. He said it was already clear that pension funding would be up 6.6%. Regarding the amount of unemployment benefit, Petkov said there was still debate about whether there would be a change.

Bisser Petkov, Minister of Labor and Social Policy: What is clear at this stage on the draft budget of the Ministry of Labor and Social Policy is that there will be an increase in the policy for people with disabilities and it is related and stems from the high amount of financial support from the Disabled Persons Act they will receive, with respect to the larger amount, of funding for the services of a personal, social assistant.

Bisser Petkov said he is working on a project for affordable housing for people with permanent disabilities. The Ministry has earmarked BGN 1.7 million for the construction of auxiliaries in the homes of disabled people. The Ministry has received 55 projects for building affordable housing for people with disabilities, totaling just over BGN 2 million.

Minister Petkov also commented on the topic of yesterday’s hysteria at several schools in Sliven and Yambol. There, parents massively removed their children from classrooms so that they would not be taken away by the Child Protection Agency. According to the minister, it is a deliberate attack on the system, which is not based on any real data. He reiterated that there is no current strategy for the child.

The draft document has been suspended since the beginning of the year because of strong public resistance.