A Bulgarian is the best SPA manager in the world. Nadezhda Halacheva was selected at a ceremony in St. Petersburg.

“It was an absolute surprise to me. This is a personal success. The competition was great – 75 countries, 250 specialists in the field, “Nadezhda said.

The winners are selected through online voting. This is not the first Merit Award for Nadezhda Halacheva. In 2018, her spa center won the grand prize for the best in the world.

We are talking about SPA centers in hotels in the Maldives, Greece, India, Indonesia, Australia. This success costs me a little personal time, but I love what I do, ”she said.

She considers herself a strict but fair boss, a perfectionist who requires discipline.

After much work abroad, Nadezhda decided to return to Bulgaria. She thinks that it is the long road she has taken that helps her to be a good manager.