The Bulgarian Irina Dilkinska has been extradited to the USA and charged in connection with the “OneCoin” crypto-fraud, announced the American Ministry of Justice, as quoted by BTA.

A statement from the ministry said she was extradited on March 20 and will appear before a US judge.

She worked as head of the legal department of OneCoin. In the indictment against her, it is alleged that she helped create fictitious companies for the purpose of laundering money and preserving property belonging to the “crypto queen” Ruja Ignatova.

The defendant is also alleged to have helped lawyer and OneCoin co-conspirator Mark Scott launder $400 million. After Scott’s arrest, she destroyed incriminating information and notified another person involved of the arrest.

The charges are “a conspiracy to commit fraud” and “conspiracy to commit money laundering”. Either charge carries a maximum sentence of 20 years in prison.