Amdaris, a leading international software company, today announced its partnership with Youth Inventor, an esteemed platform offering engineering and programming courses for young people.

With a shared vision of cultivating highly skilled IT professionals and fostering a passion for sustainable practices, this collaboration aims to inspire a new generation of innovators and problem solvers, shaping a brighter and more prosperous future for Bulgaria.

The partnership between Amdaris Bulgaria and Youth Inventor was sparked during a networking event for young entrepreneurs and leaders in late 2022. Kostadin Nedev, the visionary behind Youth Inventor, expressed his aspiration for a comprehensive learning platform that would enable children to freely experiment with engineering and programming concepts from the comfort of their homes.

Understanding the need for a partner with proven expertise to upgrade the existing platform into a virtual laboratory, Kostadin found Amdaris are the perfect match for his endeavour. Vesela Nikolova, the Center director of Amdaris Bulgaria, recognised not only the shared values in educational and technological development of the future talents, but also the alignment of missions and visions between both parties, leading her to consider this collaboration. Half a year later, Amdaris officially became the general technological partner of Youth Inventor.

Vesela Nikolova, Center director of Amdaris Bulgaria, commented: “Both organisations share a common mission to create a better future by fostering the development of highly skilled IT professionals and promoting environmentally sustainable practices. Amdaris Bulgaria is committed to improving the environment in the locations where it has centres through green and social initiatives such as tree planting, knowledge-sharing sessions at the Technical University of Sofia and supporting various NGOs. The partnership with Youth Inventor represents another stride taken by Amdaris in nurturing future generations who will continue the journey of progress.”

In addition to empowering young individuals to become creators rather than mere users of technology, Youth Inventor places significant emphasis on sustainable practices. Students engage in a curriculum that educates them about pressing issues concerning nature and society. Moreover, as a requirement for completing the three-year program, students are tasked with presenting personal projects that address these challenges.