The European Labor Day will be celebrated in Bulgaria with an electronic labor exchange in Sofia, organized by the Employment Agency. It will be opened by Zornitsa Rusinova, Deputy Minister of Labor and Social Policy.

Without the need for on-site presence, the online job market will enable jobseekers and employers across Europe to communicate for free.

Carrying out the online labor exchange is an innovative approach for Bulgaria, and the aim is to attract the interest to Bulgarian employers both from the Bulgarian workforce and from Bulgarians living and working abroad, but who wish to return to Bulgaria.

15 European countries who are looking for Bulgarian workforce in various fields have already registered on the platform. They stated the vacancies on the platform, detailing both the terms and the payment.

Jobseekers can also, through registration on the platform, familiarize themselves with the proposals and, if approved, will be invited to participate in an online interview. Today, real-time audiovisual communication will be possible.