Employers are required to pay for their employees’ tests. Such an opinion was expressed on the air of “Hello, Bulgaria” by the labor law expert at CITUB Todor Kapitanov and the former Minister of Social Affairs Ivan Neykov.

“One of the most important responsibilities of an employer is to ensure safe working conditions. In this sense, he is responsible for the conditions under which the worker works, although our legislation was not created in a pandemic. Many employers are required to periodically perform preventive examinations of employees. That is why we have no reason to say that the coronavirus test is different from that,” said Ivan Neykov.

“When the law requires employers to take such tests, it is their duty to pay for it. The minister’s order must mention who pays for the tests. We already have signals that an employer deducts antigen tests from employees’ salaries in advance. This is happening in MHAT Shumen”, commented Todor Kapitanov. According to him, people in Bulgaria go to work sick en masse.