According to the preliminary data, in November 2019 the index of production in section ‘Construction’ calculated on the base of seasonally adjusted data3 was 0.8% below the level of the previous month. In November 2019 working day adjusted data4 showed an increase by 1.3% in the construction production, compared to the same month of 2018, the NSI said in a press release.

In November 2019 the construction production index, calculated from the seasonally adjusted data, was below the level of the previous month. Index the production of civil engineering decreased by 1.4% and production of building construction – by 0.4% 

On an annual basis in November 2019, the increase of production in construction, calculated from working day adjusted data, was determined from the positive rate in the building construction, where the growth was by 5.9%, while in the civil engineering was registered a decline by 4.5%