Bulgaria receives the maximum possible amount of Azeri gas from the point from which it is currently supplied. This was stated on BNT TV by Svetoslav Delchev, an independent member of the board of directors of Bulgargaz.

He denied allegations that Bulgargaz had not stated the maximum possible quantities of natural gas from Azerbaijan.

Delchev explained that due to the lack of connection with Greece, our country cannot receive more than a third of what was agreed, because this is the possible amount of gas that we can get from the point through which we are currently supplied.

Due to the delayed construction of the gas pipeline to Greece, Bulgaria suffers negatives, Delchev pointed out.

Our country continues to buy Azeri gas at the agreed prices, but the Azeri supplier does not make any commitment to these supplies, because Bulgaria cannot get them through the agreed point – the non-existent gas connection with Greece.

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“That is – we may receive them, we may not receive them,” Delchev explained.

On BNT TV Svetoslav Delchev pointed out that he suspects a specific economic interest behind the attacks on the company in recent weeks.

Earlier today, Bulgargaz’s board of directors came out against “an unprecedented and baseless attack and disinformation campaign that raises suspicions of malice and misconduct outside the state, household gas consumers and Bulgarian industry.”

“I know Prime Minister Kiril Petkov personally and I am convinced that he will not fall into the trap that is currently being prepared by the private interest in question,” Delchev said.

Delchev pointed out that he expects a new attack against Bulgargaz on the topic of why the company did not stop the gas of Toplofikacia – Sofia. According to him, there are already such inquiries.

Svetoslav Delchev pointed out that Bulgargaz cannot stop the blue fuel of Toplofikacia – Sofia, because in addition to harming over a million Sofia residents, if it stops the gas of Toplofikacia – Sofia, it should stop supplying blue fuel and to the ATC, Sofia Airport and a neighboring glass factory.