Bulgaria is grappling with the aftermath of heavy snowfall, mobilizing over 800 snowplows to clear roads across the country, according to the Road Agency. Highways, first-class and second-class roads, as well as mountain passes, are receiving priority attention in the ongoing snow removal efforts.

The Road Agency urges drivers to travel only if necessary, exercise caution, and avoid overtaking snowplows. Despite disruptions on certain roads and passes, authorities are actively working to restore traffic flow, emphasizing the need for drivers, especially heavy goods vehicles, to adhere to safety measures.

Traffic restrictions are reported in various regions, and the Ministry of Environment and Water warns of potential rises in the Black Sea and Western White Sea basins due to recent snowfall.

Sofia, the capital, undertook anti-icing and snow removal operations on streets with public transport routes, extending efforts to internal neighborhood streets and municipal road networks in surrounding areas.

In mountainous regions like Vitosha, sandblasting and snow removal activities have taken place, with restrictions on vehicle movement during specific hours. Pazardzhik and Blagoevgrad districts also experienced snowfall, resulting in temporary truck restrictions on specific routes.

Police issue warnings about icy conditions and advise drivers to use well-equipped vehicles, exercising extra caution during the winter weather. As Bulgaria grapples with the snow chaos, authorities are actively managing road conditions and ensuring public safety.