In the new year, we will pay more, both for cash withdrawals and ATMs. Fees will vary depending on the amount. It will also cost us more to transfer funds – i.e. if we transfer money from account to account, regardless of whether the accounts are in the same bank or in different ones. Current account maintenance is also becoming more expensive for some of the banks. However, in 2022, interest rates are expected to remain low and borrowing will be relatively cheap.

Any amount that enters or leaves Slavia Ivanova’s bank account is a minus on her income. As it is related to the next fee she has to pay. “Every action is related to fees. Bank transfers – fee. ATM withdrawal – fee, account withdrawal – fee. Every day – there are fees”, shares Slavia Ivanova, consumer. Therefore, any increase in bank fees will be a new expense for her pocket.

Since the beginning of the year, most large banks have raised the most massive fees that customers pay. Mostly – for operations at the counter, where we are served by a bank employee.

“Withdrawal of cash from a bank employee, deposit of cash through a bank employee, transfers made at the counter – the increases there are most often between 10 and 30% compared to previous fees. If in some banks to deposit cash, the fee so far was BGN 2, now you will probably pay BGN 3 or 3.50.If you have had to make a transfer to a bank branch and you paid BGN 2, now you will have to pay 2.50 or BGN 3”, points out Tihomir Toshev, financial and credit expert.