The number of tourists coming to Bulgaria for the 2020/21 winter season is forecast to be about 40 per cent lower than last year, Tourism Minister Mariana Nikolova said in an August 20 interview with Nova Televizia.

“The forecast for the winter season is still unclear. Sanitary and safety measures will be one of the main priorities to attract tourists from our neighbouring countries, who love ski resorts,” Nikolova said.

“There may be specific risks when people congregate on the lifts, but we have ensured that measures are taken to disinfect the lift facilities and provide distancing for the safety of tourists,” she said.

Bulgaria is a safe and healthy destination because there was hygiene at the resorts and the anti-epidemic measures were kept to, according to Nikolova. “I am uncompromising and I personally check the food, entertainment and accommodation places,” she said.

She said the fact was that Bulgaria had the lowest incidence of Covid-19 in the Balkans.

The country needed to advertise, and could advertise strongly on social networks. It would also advertise on television stations in Balkan countries, she said.