Today, the Commission for Energy and Water Regulation (EWRC) adopted a decision approving prices in the “Electricity” sector for the new regulatory period 1.07.2022 – 30.06.2023.

From July 1, the price of electricity for household consumers has increased by only 3.4%.

For the customers of “Electrohold Sales” /CHEZ/, the change in the final price is by 2.70%, for “EVN Bulgaria Electric Supply” – by 3.47%, for the customers of “ENERGO-PRO Sales” – by 4.45%. These prices include both the price of electricity and the prices of network services.

The achieved minimum increase of 3.4% is the result of the regulatory measures taken by the Commission. Despite the fact that energy transmission companies claimed a significant increase in their transmission costs, the Commission found reserves in the system to offset this increase.

In order to minimize the increase for household consumers, EWRC took three measures: removed the component – obligations to society, increased the quota of Kozloduy NPP from 20% to 30% for the new price period 2022/2023, as well as removed premiums for a significant part of RES producers, redirecting the freed financial resource to reduce prices for household customers. These measures make it possible to compensate for the increase in the transmission costs of the electricity distribution companies “EVN Bulgaria Electric Supply”, “Electrohold Sales” /CHEZ/ and ENERGO-PRO Sales” and of the Energy System Operator.

As a result of the minimal increase of 3.4%, electricity prices for domestic consumers in Bulgaria remain the lowest in all of Europe. This protects Bulgarian households from the shock increase as a result of the war in Ukraine, which saw the price of electricity in the domestic sector rise by 45% in the rest of the continent.

The decision was taken after a previously held open meeting and public discussion with the participation of the interested parties – the Ombudsman, BFIEK, BTPP, Free Energy Market Association, civil organizations and associations. All suggestions made during the discussion were taken into account in the final decision.

The Commission’s decision to approve prices in the “Electricity” sector for the new regulatory period 1.07.2022 – 30.06.2023 has been published on the website of the regulator.