“Bulgaria can get out of the exception for Lukoil to use Russian oil until the end of 2024, without changing fuel prices”. This was stated by Prime Minister Nikolai Denkov.

He recalled that fuel prices in Bulgaria depend on the regional market.

“We cannot control prices as they are. If someone claims that someone is incompetent, then all governments are incompetent according to this logic,” commented Denkov.

Russian oil can be used in Bulgaria until the end of 2024, but GERB, “We Continue the Change-Democratic Bulgaria” and DPS proposed before the vacation of the deputies that the derogation be revoked.

According to Denkov, Bulgaria can exit the derogation without changing fuel prices.

“The price on the market – it is as it is in the region, but if drastic changes are made that are thoughtless, and such were proposed in the National Assembly, quite dark scenarios can be realized,” the prime minister also pointed out.

Any attempts to build the “Belene” NPP do not meet the necessary economic justification to attract investors, the Prime Minister also said. In response to a question, he explained that there is no point in keeping the equipment as there are no investors.

“This equipment, instead of continuing to stand there without investors who are ready to realize it, does not make any sense. The aggressor will be under sanctions from the European Union for many years, so we have no way to work with Russia, and since it’s about equipment that costs over a billion, it’s actually extremely good that a buyer has appeared,” Denkov added.