The Chief Prosecutor of the Republic of Bulgaria submitted to the registry of the 49th National Assembly a request to remove the immunity of a member of parliament and former Prime Minister Boyko Borissov at the proposal of the Sofia City Prosecutor’s Office.

In the proposal of the supervising prosecutor from the SCP, it is stated that in the case it is necessary to carry out actions on the investigation, including bringing in the accused, which are of a nature to affect the legal sphere of the representative of the people, reports the Prosecutor’s Office.

By decision of the CEC dated 04/08/2023, Boyko Borissov was declared a representative of the people and after taking the oath on 04/12/2023 he became a person with immunity.

According to the provision of Art. 70 of the Constitution of the Republic of Bulgaria and according to Art. 136, paragraph 3, in conjunction with paragraph 1 of the Regulations for the organization and activities of the National Assembly, the initiation of criminal prosecution against a representative is possible only with the permission of the National Assembly or with the written consent of Boyko Borissov, recalls the state prosecution.

The BSP leader called on Boyko Borissov to give his immunity

The press center of the Bulgarian Socialist Party (BSP) distributed an appeal by the leader of the party, Kornelia Ninova, in which she called on Boyko Borissov to give immunity and not to hold the National Assembly and the entire country hostage to his own survival.

Ninova also asks if, as another option, what she calls the “coalition of fear” will fulfill Hristo Ivanov’s proposal to create a committee in the parliament, which will “hit the ball” within six months to save Borissov from justice.

According to her, since Borissov himself says that he is innocent, this must be proven in a fair and transparent trial.