From May 15, the ban on walking pets on the beaches on the territory of the municipality of Varna came into force. The restriction will be valid only during the summer season – until October 1. With the changes adopted last year in the Ordinance on public order on the territory of the Varna municipality, the walks of the four-legged pets are also prohibited on the territory of educational, children’s and health facilities, as well as on children’s and sports grounds.

The amount of the fine for violators is from BGN 100 to BGN 500. In the event of a repeated violation, the fine for citizens is from BGN 500 to BGN 1,000. The control will be monitored by employees from the municipal directorate “Management of security and control of public order”, the municipal police and the authorities of the Ministry of Internal Affairs, announced the deputy mayor of Varna Todor Ivanov, whose portfolio includes security and control of public order. He specified that there would be some tolerance for those caught in violation.

Control will be carried out primarily on the guarded beaches, because it is physically impossible to control the entire beach. At the moment, letters are being prepared to the Regional Administration with a request to place signs on the beaches informing about the ban on walking pets. The Municipality of Varna explained that they will also contact the beach concessionaires.

The people of Varna, parents of young children, welcome the ban with joy. And pet owners accept the decision in two ways. On the one hand, they support it, but on the other, they complained that there are not many places and specially designated areas for walking pets in the city, which leaves them without an alternative.