In the first hours after reopening, malls in Sofia welcome relatively few visitors, a radio Horizont check shows. Disinfection is carried out in the malls every hour, and in some of them air cleaning systems are already working. Spray disinfectant devises are installed in all stores.

Working hours of Malls are reduced – they still open at 10.00 am, but will close not at 10 pm, but at 9 pm. Safety measures are observed in all stores. However, many of them will not open today as they went bankrupt during the lockdown. Some store staff have left or been made redundant. In some of the closed stores new ones are opening.

Customers in the malls are few and therefore it is not difficult to keep distance. People without protective masks are not allowed, same as persons under 18 years old without escort.

Large sales of autumn/winter collections are expected to attract customers.

Until the end of the month, the eateries and entertainment establishments remain closed, allowing only deliveries or picking up food for home and office.