“We are developing a pilot project under the Operational Program” Innovation and Competitiveness “(OPIC) to support tour guides. About BGN 3 million will be set aside under the European fund, which will be earmarked for financial compensation for licensed guides. According to the Ministry of Tourism, this is about 1,500 people. This was announced by the Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Tourism Mariana Nikolova to the representatives of the Association of Guides in Bulgaria, the Union of Guides in Bulgaria and USE “V. Raykova “- Burgas. The meeting was also attended by Deputy Minister of Economy Stamen Yanev.

Bulgarian Guides protest

The Ministry of Tourism points out that in the coming days the ways for granting the funding and the criteria for participation will be specified. Mariana Nikolova explained that after signing all the conditions and approval of the project by the managing body of OPIC, the full information will be uploaded on the official website of the ministry. “We will work as fast as possible and we expect the implementation of the project to start in a short time,” she assured.

The Deputy Prime Minister thanked for the understanding and quick reaction of the Ministry of Economy and the Ministry of Finance, through which this pilot initiative is being implemented. Nikolova reiterated the need for funding for tour guides, not only because the tourism sector is most affected by the COVID 19 pandemic, but also because they do not fall within the scope of some of the measures introduced to support the industry.

The representatives of the branch thanked for the efforts made, as well as for the adequate reaction in finding a working solution to the problems of the guides.