The measure to buy fuel with a 25 cent discount for all individuals in Bulgaria will continue to operate next year. This was announced to bTV this morning by the Acting Minister of Economy, Nikola Stoyanov.

It is known that until now Stoyanov shared the opinion that the assistance for business subscribers for electricity should remain in 2023, but he was not categorical that the compensation for ordinary gasoline, diesel and gas should drop immediately after the New Year.

According to Stoyanov, until today, the discount was not socially fair, and in the program “Why, Mr. Minister?” he even called it a “lobbyist“.

The difference is that it will now be financed from the surplus profit of Lukoil and not from the state budget, the minister specified. He reminded that “Lukoil” has already paid BGN 90 million in advance tax.

“In the future, we are working to have this measure targeted at the most vulnerable groups – people with lower incomes, and at compensation measures for public transport, but they have not yet been worked out”, Stoyanov specified.