“Vazrazhdane” (Revival) leader Kostadin Kostadinov went to meet the farmers who had tractors and heavy equipment in Dolni Bogrov. However, they called for him to leave so that their protest was not politicized.

“There are people who have views and demands other than those of the government. They do not want to politicize the protest, so they asked me to leave,” Kostadinov told reporters.

“Nobody called him, he came alone. I personally kicked him out, maybe I would have done something else, but you were filming,” commented one of the protesters.

According to Ilia Prodanov, there is no separation but insufficient awareness among farmers.

“We will not allow the separation in all the sectors, we are united. We are in one battle right now, there is a war, we will stay together.”

Protester farmer Vasil Petrov commented that Finance Minister Asen Vassilev was responsible for some of the problems of grain producers, who spoke “various fantasy stuff last year and no one asked why he did not compensate for his mistake after this nonsense.”