We are following the deal between CEZ and Eurohold, Chairman of the Energy and Water Regulatory Commission (KEVR) Assoc. Prof. Ivan Ivanov told reporters, Focus News Agency reported.

Asked whether KEVR had a resource to check Eurohold, Ivanov said the regulator will implement the law. “We will execute the law. In the case of Inercom, it didn’t come to a check by KEVR at all, as the deal was blocked by the competition regulator. Subsequently, the case entered a trial phase, there was no chance for us to give an opinion. We are following the deal between CEZ and Eurohold,” said he. In his words, there are no evaluation criteria yet, despite the regulator asking institutions to provide such. KEVR will try to lay down objective criteria, if it comes to that, but “I really hope that we will be assisted [in that]”.