“Starting next year, the minimum wage is expected to reach BGN 940 (EUR 480) per month”, said the Minister of Finance Rositsa Velkova in an interview with the National Radio. This is included in the three-year medium-term forecast, which will be presented in Brussels and on which the draft budget for the current year, which will be proposed to the next parliament, is based.

In 2025, the indicator will increase to BGN 1,038, and a year later – to BGN 1,128.

For the first time, revenues are not conservatively planned, Velkova explained, but to ensure this, the finance ministry will propose two buffers in Budget 2023:

“One buffer is that capital expenditure cannot be diverted to another type of expenditure and, the other buffer, is a 10% cap on expenditure that can be spent in the 4th quarter provided the balance is not disturbed”.