The State Commission for Commodity Exchanges and Wholesale Markets reported minor fluctuations in wholesale food prices in Bulgaria for the fourth week of November. The index for wholesale food prices inched up by 0.18%, reaching 2.215 points, marking a slight shift from the beginning of the year when it stood at 2.316 points.

The market dynamics showcased diverse trends across various produce categories. Greenhouse cucumbers spiked by 22.9%, trading at BGN 3.33 per kilo. Conversely, oranges saw a 16.4% price drop, now standing at BGN 2.40 per kilo.

Among other notable changes, tomatoes fell by 7.2%, trading at BGN 3.23 per kilo, while potatoes experienced a mild 0.8% decrease to BGN 1.28 per kilo. Carrots surged by 6.2%, reaching BGN 1.03 per kilo.

The trend continued across multiple items: red peppers rose by 8.1% to BGN 2.27 per kilo, while bananas increased by 3.5% to BGN 2.96 per kilo. Meanwhile, yoghurt prices dropped by 2.5%, selling at BGN 1.18 per 400 g bucket.

These marginal shifts in food prices reflect a nuanced market scenario, indicating varying supply and demand dynamics across different produce categories in Bulgaria’s wholesale markets.