Meeting on September 13, the Bulgarian government approved the tuition fees for foreign students at the Medical University in Plovdiv and the Technical University in Sofia for the 2023/24 academic year, the government information service said.

First-year students majoring in medicine and in dental medicine at the Medical University Plovdiv, from countries outside the EU and the European Economic Area (EEA) will pay an 8000 euro tuition fee for education in Bulgarian.

For students from the second to the sixth year, the fee is 7000 euro.

Freshmen studying in English in the same majors will pay 9000 euros each, and students from the second to sixth year 8000 euro.

The fee for foreign students in the midwife and nurse course is 4000 euro, regardless of whether the training is conducted in Bulgarian or English, the statement said.

For the pharmacy speciality, the fee is the same for those studying in Bulgarian and in English: 6000 euro.

At the Technical University in Sofia, the fee for students from non-EU countries studying educational science, social economic and legal sciences, and mathematics will be 3000 euro.

For foreign students studying IT and computer science and those studying technical sciences, the fee will be 3600 euro. For the communication and computer engineering course, the fee is 4000 euro.

There is also a change at the Vassil Levski National Sports Academy, the statement said.

The fee is 600 leva for the health care course for bachelor’s degree students from Bulgaria and EU and EEA countries, and 780 leva for master’s and doctoral students.

For non-EU and EEA international students studying health care, the fee is 3200 euro for full-time Bachelors, Masters and PhD students. PhD students studying part-time will pay 2000 euro.