The new cabinet, whichever parties are part of it, must not allow the interruption of the financial funds provided to support the business during the COVID-19 crisis.

Instead of introducing new measures, companies need consolidation and simplification of the current ones.

This was stated on the air of Bloomberg TV Bulgaria by Maria Mincheva, Deputy Chairwoman of the Bulgarian Industrial Association (BIA).

“We have witnessed through operational programs (of EU) how things happen extremely slowly – literally 7-9 months pass until a company receives the liquid support it needs to repay debts and maintain normal operational activities,” she explained.

According to Maria Mincheva, similar delays are noticed in granting of benefits in support of employment.

In connection with the observance of the deadline for submission of the National Plan for Recovery and Sustainability, the Vice President of the Bulgarian Chamber of Commerce commented:

If the Plan is not submitted to the European Commission on time by the government, then Bulgaria risks losing positions which anyway are not very good, compared to other European countries.