Prime Minister Nikolai Denkov announced that the Bulgarian state is actively seeking options to support farmers amidst widespread protests across the European Union. During a parliamentary control blitz, Denkov highlighted the government’s commitment to addressing the concerns of farmers, acknowledging the need for additional support.

Denkov disclosed that the Ministry of Agriculture’s budget is under review, with plans for a meeting with farmers scheduled for Sunday to explore viable support options. He emphasized the allocation of an extra 500 million BGN in this year’s budget and acknowledged the justified concerns raised by farmers.

Addressing the broader European context, Denkov revealed ongoing discussions at the EU level to potentially ease some environmental requirements, providing crucial relief for farmers. Each country, he noted, is actively seeking resources to support its farmers within its capabilities.

“In bilateral meetings, Denkov again sought support for our acceptance into Schengen and the Eurozone,” the Prime Minister stated, shedding light on efforts to garner backing for Bulgaria in these key European institutions.

Denkov shared insights from the recent EU meeting in Brussels, where discussions spanned the Israel-Palestine conflict and the agricultural protests. Additionally, he highlighted the allocation of 2 billion euros to reduce migrant pressure, with a portion designated for Bulgaria.