“We are going to construct Unit No. 7 of Kozloduy Nuclear Power Plant using a technology that is completely different, the reactor will be American,,” PM Boyko Borissov said, as quoted by the Bulgarian news agency BTA.

During an inspection of the power plant, Boyko Borissov stated that thermal power stations and miners are not the only ones we should be thinking about, but also about the people working at the nuclear power plant.


“The Council of Ministers will make a decision so that the people at Kozloduy, at the power plant, the specialists, its full capacity can continue to function,” PM Borissov said. “There has been an environmental impact assessment since February and we are going to construct Unit 7. We are going to have 100% diversification, as we have done with gas. We are developing a system for small modular stations.”

In Boyko Borissov’s words the procedure for the Belene NPP project must continue.