“Omicron is already here, but it won’t ruin our holidays.” This was stated by Prof. Nikolay Vitanov on Nova TV

“There are two organizations that have monitoring systems and these systems tell you whether it is here or not,” Vitanov explained.

He predicts that if Omicron is detected by the NCIPD around Jordan’s Day (06.01.2022) and St. Ivan’s Day (07.01.2022), 2-3 weeks later it will be dominant.

“From the 14th to the 15th, the cases will start to grow. Our problems will essentially come in February,” Vitanov said.

According to him, the first to experience the impact of this fifth wave will be GPs.

“They will be the main characters in it. It is expected that there will be many cases, but not so severe”, Vitanov explained. There will not be many deaths, and the intensive care units in hospitals will not be overloaded.

“Mortality is expected to be several times lower. In 5,000 cases, 50-60 deaths are expected, ie a maximum of 1% “, explained the mathematician.

And he warned us to be careful. “A person can get through covid easy, but it is not clear where it will hit them harder in 5-6 months,” Vitanov said.