Since the beginning of this week, Bulgarian State Railways (BDZ – Passenger Services) EOOD has introduced experimental electronic ticketing on trains by the transportation staff using PDA devices. Currently, the service is being tested only on the Sofia – Vratsa – Vidin and Sofia – Vratsa – Lom routes.

During the testing period, all irregularities related to mobile connectivity and other errors encountered during device operation will be addressed. After optimizing the inaccuracies, the number of trains and routes offering this service will gradually increase, with enhanced functionality and the possibility to offer more commercial offers. This way, Bulgarian State Railways’ customers can purchase tickets for train travel with transfers at hub stations across the country.

Electronic ticketing on trains via PDA devices significantly streamlines the process for the transportation staff, as the ticket is automatically printed with just a few button presses from the device menu. There is no longer a need to fill out paper forms by hand, which takes longer and is associated with various inconveniences in the employees’ workflow.

The PDA devices are centrally connected to the ticket issuing system, which automatically improves reporting by providing real-time data directly into the sales system. Sales transactions conducted through the devices comply with Regulation No. N-18 of December 13, 2006, regarding the registration and reporting of sales in commercial establishments through fiscal devices.

The introduction of electronic ticketing on trains via PDA devices is part of the measures aimed at improving and upgrading the functionalities of the ticket issuing system and expanding the integrated automated system. This will facilitate customers in purchasing tickets by providing more options and will improve reporting within the company.