Bulgarian Christians commemorate the birth of Jesus Christ today, marking the Nativity with traditions and festivities. Name day celebrations abound, with individuals such as Hristo, Radoslav, Bozhidar, Emil, Emmanuel, Christian, Reneta, Christiana, Christian, Christiana, Christina, Christina and others.

According to scripture, the sacred event unfolded in Bethlehem, where Mary and Joseph, unable to find lodging, sought refuge in a cave, witnessed by nearby shepherds. Here, amidst the animals, Mary gave birth to Jesus and wrapped Him in swaddling clothes, marking the advent of a new era.

The shepherds were the first to receive word of the Savior’s birth through an angelic proclamation, signifying the arrival of divine peace and holiness to Earth.

Bulgarian customs include the culmination of fasting, signaling the inclusion of meat in celebratory meals, accompanied by a midnight Christmas service in churches.