Bilateral cooperation was discussed on October 26 by Defence Minister Todor Tagarev and the ambassador of the State of Israel, Yosef Levi Sfari, the Defence Ministry said.

In the talks, held at the Defence Ministry, Tagarev emphasised the Bulgarian position condemning the terrorist attack against Israel, reflected in the declaration adopted by the National Assembly on October 13 2023, the statement said.

The declaration called on the international community to stand in solidarity with Israel and support the state’s efforts to protect life and the security of its citizens.

“Bulgaria condemns the relentless attacks of Hamas and supports Israel in its determination to defend its right to peaceful existence, to continue to uphold the values ​​of freedom, legality, democracy and peace,” Tagarev said, emphasising Israel’s right to defend itself in line the international legal order.

The statement said that Sfari expressed his gratitude to Tagarev for his support and sympathy for the people of Israel.

During the talks, the growing threats to the security of the countries of the European Union in connection with the danger of terrorism were discussed, the statement said.

In a separate statement, Bulgaria’s Foreign Ministry, in a statement on October 26, said that in connection with the deteriorating security environment in the Middle East, it recommended that Bulgarian citizens located in the northern part of the Gaza Strip should move to the south.

The ministry recommended not to undertake trips to Lebanon “except in cases of extreme necessity”.

“Bulgarian citizens residing in the territory of the Lebanese Republic should leave the country as soon as possible, unless their stay in Lebanon is absolutely necessary,” the ministry said.