“The topic of Ukraine is clearly being exploited by the rulers as a lifeline to divert people’s attention from the lack of vision, program and real actions in response to the problems facing the country”, President Rumen Radev told journalists in Burgas.

“Hiding behind Ukraine can work, but only for a while, because the problems are piling up, and people are waiting for answers,” Radev said.

According to him, the politicians in power should finally deal with the Bulgarian agenda and solve the problems of society.

“Hiding behind Ukraine, the governing coalition is increasingly retreating from a number of important European values – the rule of law, not its trampling, the fight against corruption, not its protection, transparency, not policies behind the scenes, freedom of speech, not censorship, promotion of the standard and quality of life of the people, not their robbery, and very importantly – responsibility to the voter, not his deception,” said the president.