Business representativeс insisted on separation of parties and quiet zones in major cities and resorts. This was required after the official introduction of the new Noise Control Act. According to the chairman of BAZ Richard Alibegov, the changes were made without official public discussion and without consultation with the businesses.

Yesterday, the National Assembly adopted amendments to the Environmental Noise Protection Act aimed at limiting its harmful impact on people. The new rules provide for strict noise bans from different sources from 23:00 to 08:00, and from 14:00 to 16:00 every day. For offenders, the fine may reach up to BGN 12,000 and the closure of the site.

“There must be zoning, it must be known – as they did in Greece, Spain, Italy, there must be noise zones, whether they will be near to the airport or where there are no hotels. We can’t tell the customers that at 23:00 there is no longer a life, we can’t see that in any other country” Alibegov told bTV.

According to him, this law is “foolish” and is brought by people who are not familiar with the business and the tourist environment in the country.

“In the summer, people go out after 21:00, and with the new law that would be impossible, because at 23:00 everything must be over. This is not about music, it’s about all outdoor activities and work, “said BAZ chairman.

Alibegov gave a concrete example to the resort Sunny Beach, which was advertised as a party destination for 15 years, and with the new law it would become a family destination.

“The small and medium business will suffer the whole negativism from both clients and financial losses. We do not know to what extent the losses will be, but we assume there will be bankruptcies This is the law of the 80s they didn’t do anything new. ” he said.

According to Richard Alibegov, the business is ready for national protests if the new law won’t be reviewed.