The Bulgarian Parliament voted and elected Dimitar Radev as Governor of the Bulgarian National Bank (BNB) with a mandate of 6 years. He was nominated by GERB-SDS.

Radev was elected with the votes of 155 deputies. From GERB-SDS 63 deputies voted “for”, from WCC-DB 56 deputies voted “for”, from “Vazrazhdane” 37 deputies voted “against”, from DPS 36 deputies voted “for”, from BSP 19 deputies voted “against”, from TISP 10 deputies voted “against”.

The other contender for the post of BNB governor – Lubomir Hristov, nominated by “Vazrazhdane”, gathered 39 votes of support. There were 135 against, 47 people’s representatives abstained.

Dimitar Radev was sworn in as governor of the Central Bank with a new six-year mandate. He announced that Andrey Gyurov and Petar Chobanov will be deputy governors of the BNB.