Tesla’s visionary CEO, Elon Musk, has once again captivated the online audience by sharing a video featuring the humanoid robot “Optimus” going for a walk. The footage, posted on Musk’s Twitter account, showcases the nearly 6ft (182cm) tall robot confidently strolling around, eliciting reactions ranging from fascination to unease among online spectators.

The brief clip, captioned “We’re going for a walk with Optimus,” offers a glimpse of the second-generation humanoid robot, marking a significant step forward in Tesla’s foray into robotics.

While the video underlines Tesla’s intention to incorporate Optimus into its manufacturing processes in the near future, it also highlights the company’s commitment to pushing technological boundaries and advancing automation and artificial intelligence.

The unexpected video has triggered a mix of reactions online, with users describing the robot’s movements as both impressive and, for some, slightly eerie. As Tesla plans to harness the capabilities of Optimus within its manufacturing operations, the development opens up discussions on the role of robotics in shaping the future of industries.

Tesla, a trailblazer in the electric vehicle and renewable energy sectors, seems poised to extend its innovative reach into the realm of humanoid robotics. As Optimus takes its inaugural stroll, the anticipation builds regarding the potential impact and applications of this cutting-edge technology.