Employers can submit projects under the National Employment Program for People with Disabilities by August 13th. The proposals are submitted to the Agency for People with Disabilities, the social ministry said.

Up to BGN 10,000 is allocated under the program to fund projects to provide access to existing or to create new jobs for people with permanent disabilities of working age.

Activities to adapt new and existing workplaces for people with permanent disabilities of working age are also funded. Employers can receive up to BGN 10,000  for each accommodated job.

The recipients of the funding must maintain the employment of the employees for at least 36 months after the conclusion of the grant contract.

The program will also allocate funds for qualification and retraining, as well as for training for the professional development of people with disabilities. For this purpose, employers will be able to receive up to BGN 200 per worker.

The total budget of the program for 2019 is BGN 4.4 million.