The first edition will take place on February 28 and will kick off a series of events aimed at fostering community development.

The global technology company Melexis, which operates in Bulgaria with a team of over 850 people, launched the Engineering Talks initiative. It represents a series of events, with its pilot edition scheduled for February 28 in Sofia.

Engineering Talks aims to bring together the engineering community in the field of electronics, providing a platform for knowledge exchange, sharing experiences, and fostering professional networking.

During the first event, Asparuh Grigorov, Senior System Architect at Melexis Bulgaria and specialist in functional safety will present the topic “Development of integrated circuits for current measurement in automotive applications”. With nearly 20 years of experience in microelectronics, Asparuh has held various positions and has worked on 5 of the company’s product lines. He will discuss the principles of current measurement in microelectronics, as well as the applications of current sensors in electric vehicles. Asparuh will also talk about the architectures of integrated systems for current measurement and how to ensure functional safety.

You can find more information and reserve your spot for the pilot edition, which will take place at Hyperspace: