Sofia is blocked by football supporters who demand the resignation of Bulgarian Football Union president Borislav Mihailov. The demonstration is happening ahead of Bulgaria’s European qualifier against Hungary at the Vasil Levski National Stadium.

Around 16:00, fans of CSKA – Sofia started gathering in front of the “Bulgarian Army” stadium. Supporters of the “reds” are part of the protest against the Bulgarian Football Union. There were many policemen outside the Reds’ stadium

Ivan Velchev, the Tartor of Sector “G” arrived at the stadium a few minutes ago.

At the same time, on the other side of the “Vasil Levski” stadium, more fans from different clubs are gathering.

At 5:20 p.m., the “Reds” fans left the “Army”, accompanied by a large number of policemen, and headed for “Orlov Most”. They stretched a banner against the president of the BFU, Borislav Mihailov, demanding his resignation, and traffic on “Tsarigradsko shose” was blocked.

There is another large group in front of the Ministry of Sports. “Levski” fans with blue scarves stand out in it, but they are not organized there. Hungarian football fans also joined them.

Here too chants are chanted against the BFU and resignations are demanded.

On the “Gurko” street several flares were fired into the air and flares were lit. A bomb fell behind the first row of police near some of the journalists.

About half an hour before the match, fans at “Gurko” street started throwing bombs and fireworks at the police. Law enforcement moved forward with the water cannon readied for action and soon deployed.

Law enforcement had to call for backup and resort to using a second water cannon as fans continued to throw bottles, cobblestones and all sorts of other objects.

After more than 20 minutes the tension did not subside, the police took out their batons and dispersed the ultras, who retreated to the small streets. After pushing them out, it was noticed that there were broken cars of residents around the Vasil Levski stadium. The worst thing in this case is that there are injured both policemen and fans – people with broken heads and those who are sitting helplessly on the asphalt.