The Bulgarians’ air travels increased by 18.3% compared to the last year . 45% of the bookings were made through a mobile device – 3% up from the previous year, according to a recent analysis by eSky experts.

Germany was the most visited country this summer with over 20% of the total number of plane tickets purchased. It is followed by the UK, Italy, Spain and Greece, according to the latest statistics.

Domestic flights accounted for 23.1% of total bookings for the period – the same as the last year. The average price of airline tickets on domestic flights during the season was € 60.

In the TOP 5 most visited cities are London, Milan, Frankfurt, Athens and Brussels are in the TOP 5 most visited cities. The high interest in London is not a surprise because of the large number of Bulgarians residing in the Kingdom. Impressive is Athens – apart from its close location to Bulgaria, the average price for a two-way ticket for the summer season was 50 euro, and the lowest for the period – 20 or 10 euro each.

Tickets to Berlin, Rome, Barcelona and Eindhoven were also highly booked.

56% of trips by plane abroad were with stays up to 7 days, and nearly 30% – between 7 and 14 days.

The average ticket price for the summer was 124 euro and the mainly visited destinations were located in Europe. The lowest ticket prices for the season were in November 2018 – an average of 91 euro, and in May and June – an average of 97 euro in both directions, eSky reported.