European Commission President Ursula von der Leyen revealed today in Cyprus the anticipated activation of a humanitarian sea corridor between Cyprus and Gaza, involving collaboration among the EU, US, and UAE. Von der Leyen disclosed that a trial run of food aid organized by the charitable organization World Central Kitchen (WCK) and backed by the United Arab Emirates is slated to depart Cyprus from the port of Larnaca as early as Friday.This development follows President Joe Biden’s recent announcement during his annual address, wherein he pledged to establish a floating port in the waters off Gaza to accommodate large vessels, given the absence of a deep-water port in the territory. However, Biden emphasized the necessity of a ceasefire before proceeding with this initiative. Adding to this commitment, British Foreign Secretary David Cameron declared on Friday the UK’s commitment to collaborate with the US and other partner nations to establish a maritime humanitarian corridor.The proposed sea corridor holds significant promise in facilitating the delivery of crucial aid to Gaza, where the humanitarian situation remains dire amidst ongoing conflicts and political tensions. As international efforts converge to address the urgent needs of the region, the activation of the humanitarian sea corridor represents a tangible step towards alleviating the suffering of those affected by the crisis.