The Ministry of Agriculture and gardeners are looking for an opportunity to solve the serious problems with labor shortages in the sector. Talks are underway to create mobile camps that will be used to accommodate seasonal workers when and where needed – the chairman of the Bulgarian Association of Raspberry Growers Bozhidar Petkov explained to BNR.

The shortage of labor in agriculture is growing, to the extent that the field remains unharvested, simply because there is no one to work, says Petkov and gives an example in the Targovishte region:

“We have transport of workers up to 150 km away and we still have a deficit.”

Workers are fleeing abroad, not only because of better pay but also because of a lack of conditions because a two-hour commute means a 12-hour workday. The problem will be solved if there is a place to house seasonal workers, and now is the time to plan the campuses to be made with European funding:

“Every year 3 million levs are given for the welfare of the hens, don’t we need the welfare of the seasonal workers?”

The idea will be discussed at future meetings between the Ministry of Agriculture and the industry.