The former chief prosecutor of Bulgaria, Ivan Geshev, announced that he is creating a civil patriotic and conservative movement called: “Justice for Bulgaria”.

In a special video message, he announced that after his resignation as a regular prosecutor is finally accepted, he will “stand together with the people in the name of preserving the Bulgarian national identity”.

“The most important thing for me is the direct contact with the people, to have the opportunity to participate directly in the government. The ruling class has always wanted to limit this right, but Bulgaria has never been put in such a humiliating situation,” he insisted.

According to him, the National Assembly is strengthening itself only because it has been turned into a refuge for immunities.

“Some to ‘wash’ themselves, and others to get their hands on power. Decisions about the fate of Bulgaria are dictated by foreign corporate interests, no one thinks about Bulgaria and the people, this can no longer be tolerated. The governing elite is to blame for the moral and economic collapse in the country… They brought back the thug and mobster years and the terrible growth of domestic crime, they transformed the billions of assets from our national wealth,” Geshev also said.

According to him, his project will fight for true patriotism under the motto: “God, Fatherland, Family“.

His movement will fight for “the restoration of justice crushed by the ‘oligarchic model’ in recent years”.

He announced that the goal of his movement was an independent judiciary protected from criminal political encroachments.

“A fair and reliably controlled election process, restoration of majority election, of justice crushed by the criminal oligarchic model. This is the most important thing – the restoration of justice. I am ready to work with every Bulgarian in the name of the national interest”, insisted Ivan Geshev

He called on the leader of GERB, Boyko Borissov, to resign as a member of parliament and to be stripped from his immunity, because he had become a liability for his own party as well.

“No country can fight corruption and theft if they have become state policy. Therefore, I will fight, together with the citizens, to leave a better country for our grandchildren. Let us not be faced with the choice of loving Bulgaria or leaving it. I believe in conservative and traditional values,” the former prosecutor general also said.