The President of the Atlantic Club in Bulgaria and former Minister of Foreign Affairs Dr. Solomon Passy was elected Chairman the newly established Advisory Board of the leading PR company М3 Communications Group, Inc. This is a new structure, the idea for which was created by the CEO of the company Maxim Behar.

The first meeting of the new Board was held today. It took place in the platform Zoom due to the epidemic situation in the country

The major function of the Advisory Board will be to consult М3 Communications Group, Inc. on important business-related matters. Both parties will partner on a number of socially significant projects, too. You can find further information about the Advisory Board of М3 Communications Group, Inc. here.

“It is an honor for me to be a Chairman of the Advisory Board and to work together with such successful and inspiring people. I am sure that together we will generate a lot of important ideas and will exchange valuable experience. In this way we will contribute to the development of the society and to the improvement of the business environment in Bulgaria”, commented Solomon Passy, Chairman of the Advisory Board of М3 Communications Group, Inc.

Members of the Board are also: Аnna Tsolova (journalist and communications expert), Nikolay Vassilev (financial expert and entrepreneur), Petar Pountchev (journalist and entrepreneur), Valeri Zapryanov (journalist), Martin Zahariev (media expert and entrepreneur), Prof. Lubomir Stoykov (media expert and university lecturer), Prof. Dr. Grigor Gorchev (surgeon), Jacqueline Wagenstein (publisher), Irina Vasilevska (lawyer), Assoc. Prof. Dr. Katia Mihailova (communication lecturer), Valentin Panayotov (media and banking expert), Maria Shishkova (HR and coaching expert), Assoc. Prof. Milena Georgieva (molecular biologist and geneticist), Neyko Genchev (publisher), Todor Tabakov (lawyer) and Tsvetelina Nikolova (entrepreneur).

“I am happy that so many prominent experts and good colleagues and friends accepted my invitation to join the Advisory Board of M3 Communications Group, Inc. I think that this is the best “think tank” in the communications not only in Bulgaria, but also at a European level. I am certain that it will develop wonderful national projects”, said Maxim Behar.

The Advisory Board of M3 Communications Group, Inc. will meet at least 3 times per year. The online meeting will be even more frequent.